Last year Scott and I were invited by the folks at Vancouver New Music to present a concert for their Vox Organi festival, based off of the work captured on Colours Of Air. The invitation was special in that it asked us to work with an organ live, and not just as a rich sound source. 

In preparing for this concert we discovered a whole range of new materials and ideas, some of which were further clarified when we decided to undertake a tour of North America in the final months of last year. Some of these discoveries were a direct result of us being able to work on music in the same place and at the same time, a chance to come to know each others ways in sound with a sense of ’the present moment’.

Following the North American tour, Scott and I started throwing around some ideas for augmentation of the live set going forward, and from that exchange the core of what became Chroma was born. This edition collects a series of pieces that travel in parallel with Colours Of Air. Each piece is drawn from the same source, the organ at Brisbane’s Old Museum, but opens it out in ways not necessarily collected on the Colours Of Air album. Chroma also features a live recording of a piece written for Vancouver New Music’s Vox Organi, as well as a a piece that was performed as an encore in Europe during the most recent tour.