I’m pleased to offer a boutique mastering service.

Over the past decade I have had the pleasure of working with numerous labels including Temporary Residence, Bedroom Suck, 12K, Fire, Morr, Touch, Winds Measure, Baskaru, Overlap, Schole, FSS, Foxy Digitalis and, of course, mastered projects for ROOM40, A Guide To Saints and Someone Good.

My studio includes a mixture of analog hardware (Shadow Hills Industries, Manley, Empirical Labs, SPL, Crane Song, custom FCS, Focal etc) and top-end digital (Brainworx, UAD etc).

More info and any questions: lawrence[at]


“Lawrence was wonderful to work with — professional and attentive, with a kind heart — he was also very easy to communicate with, which is an extremely important attribute.”
— Matthew Cooper (aka Eluvium)

“Lawrence English has done the mastering for several of my solo albums and he always brings out the best in my sound. His attention to detail is unrivaled.”
— Grant Evans, Hooker Vision