A Picturesque View, Ignored

Echoes of disconnected sound reverberate meshing together into a cascading river of intersecting sound elements – occasionally confrontational, ultimately unforgettable. 

The second in a series of edition releases from ::room40:: , A Picturesque View, Ignored brings together the talents of seasoned UK improvisers David Toop, Scanner and Australia’s I/O3 (Lawrence English, Tam Patton, Heinz Riegler). 

Recorded during the REV festival at Brisbane Powerhouse, Australia on April 3, this record features a choice series of edits from the live set performed to open the festival’s proceedings. 

With a backdrop of moonlight cast across the Brisbane River framing the performance, the five-piece ensemble traversed a vivid sonic terrain. At times the sounds produced are clouded and densely rhythmic, while other moments feel sparse and arid. There’s no one theme cementing this improvised performance, though there’s always a sense of narrative passed between the musicians. 

The combinations and interactions documented on A Picturesque View, Ignored are odd, but effective – dreamy, but all the while focused, clear and unexpectedly beautiful.