A Path Less Travelled

As the title suggests, ‘A Path Less Travelled’ is an auditory venture beyond the hinterland of the sound worlds inhabited by Minamo and Lawrence English. It’s a collection of rich texture, pulsing vibration and reflective 
melody. A compelling union of Minamo’s restrained instrumentalism and Lawrence English’s considered sense of space and harmony.

Recorded and produced in Tokyo and Brisbane, this edition is an exchange of mutual curiosity and open ended possibility. Rather than setting out with prescriptive or didactic ideals for their meeting, the musicians 
looked further afield for influences to shape their interactions. Field recordings, for example, played an important role in contouring the albums qualities and atmospheres. Locations removed and refocused, moments captured and redeployed.

Drawing on Minamo’s sense of pace and sonic spatiality, English devised a number of arrangement strategies to compress, accentuate and expand Minamo’s initial sketches. Carefully editing and adding to the refined and measured contributions, the record took shape over two years of gradual process led production.

A Path Less Travelled collects distant sonic smoke signals passed between one island and another.

PRESS (various)

“(Minamo) consistently creates beautiful music with compositional daring and instrumental aplomb. If you adjust your ear to Minamo’s peace and quiet, you’ll discover a whole world of bustling sound.” – Stylus

“It is a rare thing to hear an album that is so engaging and stimulating…” – Brainwashed on Kiri No Oto