Caitlin Franzmann – Recompose

Recompose is a new series of six works by Caitlin Franzmann on display at The Substation outdoor Billboard Gallery that invites contemplation of small worlds at our feet.

Focused on processes of decay and transformation of a forest understory, Recompose was originally presented as a deck of divination cards. This imagery is now blown up in scale to grace the exterior side of The Substation’s building, viewable from the the Werribee and Williamstown train lines and the adjacent public footpath.

Pencil drawings on the cards depict organisms present in the leaf litter, soil and fallen logs of an east coast subtropical rainforest – decomposers such as fungi, bacteria, worms and insects that play a critical role in both nutrient management and carbon cycles.

Recompose was originally created in 2021 for Final Call, an initiative of Horizon Festival curated by Megan Williams and presented in the natural environment of Maroochy Regional Bushland Botanic Gardens.

Recompose celebrates the magic and wonder of decomposition to consider how it isn’t just the end of everything—it is also the start.