Rhythm Of Protest

Rhythm of Protest is a major solo exhibition of new work by Brisbane-based artist Lawrence English exploring themes of the shifting role sound plays in situations of protest and public assembly. Specifically, it is concerned with how sound has the ability to expose, refocus and reframe the lived experience of protest. Rhythm of Protest considers the criticaTerania voice, the pulse of collective dynamics and forms of acoustic gesturing. It also explores ideas of latent sound that exist within the various media used to document protest and the increasing use of non-lethal acoustic devices deployed to control public assembly.

This project also extends into the Lismore Quadrangle, with a sound-based work occupying the space.

Rhythm of Protest  also acknowledges the Northern Rivers as an important site of historic and continued protest, which is also being observed in the exhibition The Terania Creek Protest, currently showing in Gallery 2.